Life On My Own

Change, change, change,
I want to get up out of my skin
tell you what
if I can shake it
I’m ‘a make this
something worth dreaming of


You know what I learned this year.

You should always stick with your gut feeling. If only I simply listen to my mind, heart & soul, I could have avoided this mess I got myself in.

But I’m an optimist and without obstables and mistakes one cannot grow.

It’s all about rising above the rest & learning from your past.

Is this really a life of a 20-something? Dazed and confused with a dash of passion and drive? I suppose!


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“Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Thoreau

Don’t settle for less, I don’t.



I made my trip to Australia happen & I continue to strive to achieve my goals.  Next big travel is to Europe! No life would be complete without a trip like that.

Saturday: In the morning, went to a place to shop/learn about OPALS. Apparently 90% of OPALS come from Australia. So I got suckered into buying two for myself and for my mum. Afterward, I walked to The Rocks to shop around the markets. I fell in love with the mini shops and tables there.I found some great gifts for myself and friends (so excited to give them to you guys!). The whole market was filled with amazing art, handmade products, unique clothes, & etc. I could have ventured there forever.

At night, we went on a dinner and dance cruise on the harbour. It was a blast dancing the night away. We got to sail around both Darling Harbour and by Sydney Opera House. Oh yes, very touristy.

Sunday: Tried Harry Cafe De Wheels Meatpies. Apparently Harry’s is the equivalent to our Philly Cheesesteakes.

DSC_0954 I got the lean beef with mash pot & smash peas. It was yum. But I have to admit, it has nothing on Philly cheesesteaks!

After lunch we made our way for a 2 hour walk starting on Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. We got lucky because the weather was perfect, as you can see from the picture above. The walk was a good workout and we got a chance to see all the mini lagoons and beaches along the way. It was definitely a great scenic route! Oh and the best part was we made it just in the time for the perfect sunset at Bondi!




So sad there is only 3 more weeks =[

I’ll be flying over to Melbourne this weekend with friends. I’m excited to immerse myself into another city in Australia!

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I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge!


In our sweet outfits about to embark on the beautiful climb!


Don’t we look photoshopped in? Behind us is the iconic Sydney Opera House. We managed to look half-decent in this picture, yet just a bit squinty because of the hardcore wind beating  us down at the very top.

The climb was a great experience. Our tour leader was hilarious, very informative on the history of the bridge, & at all times we felt very safe.  The company who runs this has it down packed! I recommend it to anyone who visits Sydney.

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No Worries, Be Happy!

Every night when I walk home from my internship, I can’t help but smile. Listening to my IPOD filled with my favorite music, breathing in the fresh city air, and admiring the beauty of Sydney. There is no reason to be upset. I honestly just enjoy the simple things in life. And when I go back home, I’ll never forget those everyday moments of bliss.

Bondi Beach

A few new friends and I took a walk to Bondi Beach. Let me tell you the view is breathtaking. It’s nut to think that this is Australian winter. If only Philly could be this remarkable during our shitty winters (forgive my french).


graffiti art on bondigraffiti

Thought the graffiti art on the Bondi’s wall strip was interesting. I feel like it gave the beach character and uniquness. Don’t you think?

beautiful view :)

Alyssa & I enjoying our time for photos! cheeeeeese

baby kangarooo<3

Went to Featherdale park and got to pet cute Australian animals. We made friends with an adorable baby kangaroo!

 koala bear!My happiest moment! Petting a Koala bear! It was sleeping so I decided to lightly pat it haha.

Rugby game & Australian meat pie Alyssa & I about to try Australian Meat Pie for the first time at our first Rugby game!

gorden rugby game

I have to admit, I don’t understand the game at all. But it looks more intense than anything I see the in the states! Sorry fans of American football. You guys don’t got anything on these boys!

I can go on forever with these pictures. But I’ll leave it at that for now.

Hope you enjoyed them:)

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Fourth Week!

Wow time is flying by.

At this moment in my journey down Oz, I am finally starting to REALLY settle down and start feeling a bit more comfortable in this brand new city. It’s sad to know that I’m half way through this amazing getaway.

Everyday I feel blessed for getting the chance to come here. I don’t want to take it for granted.

At this point in time I’m looking for flights to travel up North to Queensland and see the Great Barrier Reef for my free weekend. I feel like the toughest part of traveling is planning it!

What hostels? excusions? etc etc! So much to do, so little time!

Has anyone visited Queensland or Cairns? Any suggestions on what to do other than snorkeling/scuba diving?!?

P.S. I have SO many photos to share! So be sure to visit soon!

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Photos Speak for Themselves

darling harbour

This is the beautiful Darling Harbour. It’s only a few blocks away from my apartment. It’s my favorite photo I took of the trip so far. It’s completely raw & unedited.

Oh the true beauty of Sydney.

Enjoy! There will be more to come.

This Saturday I’m visiting the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Park where I get to pet kangaroos, koala bears & more! Stoked.

Have any of you been there? Let me know your experiences 🙂


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First Weekend Update

I had a lovely first weekend in Sydney!

Saturday took a tour of the city and felt like the ultimate tourist in our double decker bus haha. We traveled to Bondi Beach & that was a pretty site, but a rainstorm ruined it, a major bummer.

Then later that night shopped at Paddington, a well-known shopping strip filled with overly expensive fashion boutiques and some affordable.  Went with a few new friends and it was fun being lost together in a brand new city.

We ended our night and went out to a club on Darling Harbour. The club scene was very nice, but I felt a bit underdressed. Everyone in Sydney dresses like it’s a fashion show everyday haha. Makes me want to blow all my cash on new clothes.

Today the roomie & I went to Patty’s Market and discovered it was a cheap place for produce. It was a mad house in there though, everyone was pushing and shoving to get to the best priced items. We felt like sardines and decided to leave right away.

Then went to the Sydney Aquarium and saw a bunch of cool sharks & manatees.

I finally feel at ease about being on the other side of the world on my own& it feels great 8)

& yes I know, I’m horrible. Still no pictures. I still haven’t got around to going to the internet cafe.

Be patient!


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